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When you go afield on the landscapes to "collect" ecosystems and explore wilderness environments, it is best to bring the best gear with you. This increases the likelihood that weather and unexpected events do not detract from gaining the most valued experiences from your forays into the natural world. Here are some items that I recommend from my many years of rambling. These are items I have used myself or wished I had them available when I ventured beyond the pavement and into nature's realm.  All are of the highest quality and durability, but don't don't buy to impress others; bright, flashy colors will scare off the wildlife. Go for function not fashion. Click on an image to find a reputable source, details and prices.

The Essentials
cargo field vest
Women's hiking boot 1
Women's hiking boot 2
Men's hiking boot 1
Men's hiking boot 2

Cargo vest with lots of pockets

Only high-top boots are suitable for weedy and brushy terrain with thickets and thorny brambles

rubber boots for streams, wetlands, pond edges

Insulated or non-insulated rubber boots for streams, wetlands, pond edges

briar-proof chaps
full-brim rainproof hat
full-brim sun hat
Ball cap

Briar-proof & thorn-proof chaps

Rainproof & durable

Sun & shade

Standard hat-wear

GPS unit
hip pack
mosquito spray
tick spray

Better than cell phones; has topo maps and track-back

Neckerchiefs for sweat, bugs, signaling help

More useful & convenient than backpacks; no shoulder slippage, water bottle pouch

You need a multi-tool

Repel ticks & mosquitoes

thermal emergency blanket

Thermal blanket for when you get dunked or the cold arrives; no hypothermia

field first aid kit

Might save a life

hand warmers

Handwarmers; you'll thank me later when you avoid


flint & steel firestarter

Firestarter; flint & steel

wax fire starters

Firestarter; wax;  enough flame to start a fire

emergency flares
handheld compass

For emergency


compact survival tool

Whistle, compass, temp,mirror, magnifier, flashlight combo

Field Guides
field binoculars

Excellent quality; 10x42; 341' field of view at 1,000 ft; fog and waterproof

Peterson First Guide To Trees Petrides George A. 9780395911839 Books.png
wildflowers field guide
quick tree finder guide
winter twig guide
Mushroom field guide
edible wild plant guide
Medicinal field guide
Mammal field guide
animal tracks field guide
weather field guide
field guide to birds
amphibian & reptile field guide
field guide to butterflies
field guide to freshwater invertebrates
field guide to insects

As an Amazon Associate, or a publisher with Awin, I may receive a small percentage of qualifying purchases. While it does not keep the lights on in my studio, it helps defray some of the costs of publishing and promoting my books.

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