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Each of the 26 chapter headings of Loose on the Landscape is headed by a sketch I made, and here is a sampling of them:

Conducting waterfowl survey by boat
Flying through flock of geese
Chapter Header for "Bootleggers of Cranberry Lake."
Chapter Heading for "Echoes of Falling Waters."
Chapter Heading for "The Batsto Bewitching."
Chapter Heading for "Guardians of the
Chapter Heading for "Twilight."

In addition, at my art website <> you can find more than a hundred of my landscape and other paintings I have made over the years. Go to my gallery there and you can peruse and purchase any of them as prints or have them impressed on various products. Below is just a handful of my oil and digital works.

Muddy Road
Old Barn
Pastoral Scene
Mountainous Scene
Winter Scene
Autumn Road
African Beeeater
Yellow crowned night heron
Crashing Ocean at Sunset
Gunpowder Falls River
Still Life with Bread
Pitons St Lucia
Cape May Sunset
Crew Race on Schylkill
Fishtown MI in Winter
Old Barn Scene

Much more in your choice of size, paper, canvas or on products at:

Mossy Stream_100_1710 Painting hdr.jpg
African Barred Owlet
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