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You will find that I address a wide range of topics and answers to more than 1,300 questions submitted. Many people have found them interesting and useful as I address practical, serious and whimsical subjects alike. To date, my posts have attracted nearly 600,000 views since 2019, and still average 1,700 per week, despite that I did not post over the past year while taking time off to write my book "Loose on the Landscape." If you become a follower of mine on Quora you will receive an email when I address new questions, including yours.

As a bonus after submitting, a page will open where you may download a high resolution photo of our galaxy overlaid with my original poem about life here on Earth, called Transformations.


In silence a granite crag juts hard and coarse,
a seabed upthrust by some ancient seismic force.
High on a lofty ledge he stands naked and alone,
pulsing flesh upon rigid block of weathered stone.

In waters far below pearly flashes glint and wane,
and spark a world of meaning in his brain.
A moment in time and a point in space converge,
then his senses report and action fills an urge.
He steps off the rocky shelf into empty space,
screams in the void and yields to gravity’s embrace.
Synapses fire, sinews flex, adrenaline flows,
as earth and sky invert and swirl juxtaposed.

With clarity of purpose he plunges in flight,
rushing faster toward the shimmering light.
Constructs merge when the plane is broken,
as body at rest collides with body in motion.

Waves burst and pulse from the impact core,
then churning  ripples cease and calm restores.
The eagle lifts a skewered fish thrashing to be freed,
then flies back to the ledge and begins to feed.      

For the billionth time atoms arrange patterns anew,
as energy converts when matter is consumed.
Fish becomes eagle for now while entropy reigns,
and the universe is forever though never changed.

–  Copyright © 2012 by Joel E. Harding

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