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Here is how to obtain all my answer posts beginning with the most recent. After logging in or creating an account on, enter a keyword or several related to your topic in the search box. Then click the top link in the resulting list, which shows your keywords. Then scroll the menu on the left side of the page to the search box and type Joel Smith and select the image that looks like this photo

Photo of Joel Smith

For confirmation, you can search by my user name and it should say Certified Ecologist; Behaviorist-Life Skills Advisor, Author, or something similar. If I have any posts on your topic you should see all of them where your keywords appear. By clicking my photo, you will go to my profile page, where you can see all my posts with the most recent first. If you click the blue icon under my user name, you can follow me, whereby you will start to see questions that I have recently answered. I hope you find some interesting information among my commentaries.

To download the Transformations poem-poster, click below for PDF or JPG. They may not appear in high resolution on your screen, but they will once downloaded.

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