Vagabond Boy
A Memoir of a Youth's Journey Through a Heartland of Chaos


        Vagabond Boy 


Reader Reviews



"This stole my very heart!"

"Sometimes I find a book that is so good that I am left speechless as how to render a review. This book was so wonderful that my heart is pounding knowing that I had the privilege to review it... Flawless writing...the thoughts the author has penned are fluid and graceful with enough detail to literally paint portraits in your mind. You will SEE what he wants you to see, and without a trace of doubt in my mind you will FEEL what he wants you to feel. What an amazing artist of words, this [memoir] being his masterpiece. He is magic with words and I wish EVERY PARENT could read this. Every parent. It was captivating, moving, and my goodness I can't figure out how to leave a review good enough to entice you to take a chance and read this. I think I've fallen in love with this author's words.

I've never read anything quite so soul-stirring. I feel like I owe this author a favor because, as I read, my very heart was somehow pulled into the journey and somehow it changed me a little…you will actually enter the child's world and leave yours. Fact. AND you will laugh. I felt every emotion a book could reap from me; humor, sadness, worry, all of it.

Vagabond Boy is about more than living or traveling or discovering or dying, it's about that little thing inside of your human body called a soul. This author left a piece of his life here and even the trials and pain are written in such a way that when the book is finished it will, WILL, have forever touched you."  --Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman 5 Stars


"This book is an amazing, heart wrenching, yet often humorous journey through the 50s and 60s seen through the eyes of a young boy. It is a story of pain which can be overcome to lead a full, productive life."  --Nan, central PA 5 Stars


"If you are sick and tired of all the excuses you are making in your life for all your disfunction, read this book. Give yourself a good dose of critical self-reflection and overcome life's obstacles. Find your inner resiliance to become - a green peach."   --F.M.A., Schuylkill County, PA 5 Stars


"Vagabond Boy is a must read for anyone who has kids, or has ever been a kid. In other words, everyone should read this book. Mr. Harding vividly recreates the account of one boy’s roaming childhood, yet touches on universal themes in a way that resonates with everyone by bringing to life the many fears, joys, surprises and tribulations that each of us experience on the grand journey of childhood. Read this book! You’ll be glad you did." --Toby S., Anchorage, AK 5 Stars


"Since reading Tom Sawyer and Catcher in the Rye, I don't remember being so caught up in the life of a young boy.  Kudos!  You made your remarkable life into a real page turner!  Your pacing, your clever use of analogy and metaphor (Sometimes I went back and read them again just to admire them.),  and your sense of humor even in the bleakest times kept me with you the whole way.  I hope Vagabond Boy makes its way into the world of literature for parents as well as assigned reading for those studying to be teachers and professional child guidance and welfare workers."--M.J., Chambersburg, PA 5 Stars


"I [finally] have the book in my hands...I am already laughing and crying.”--G. Purnell, Raleigh, NC


 “It's 2:15 in the morning and I just finished your book…I was filled with differing emotions throughout the story.  I laughed, I cried, and at this moment I am filled with awe as to how you managed to capture in words, all that I have been feeling…” --M.H.S., Holmes Beach, FL 5 Stars 


"I received your memoir the other day… A wonderful story, a real story, and at the same time a bizarre story…I whole heartedly concur with your conclusions…"  --S. Israel, Baltimore, MD


"I finished your book last night and woke up this morning replaying scenes like you do when a song just sticks in your head and you can't get it out!...The chapters were just the right length and the descriptions of the events had just enough detail.  The story kept moving at a good pace.  This would be a great book for troubled teens to read...and parents who are struggling to figure out how to be a parent." --N. Boyer, Berks County, PA 5 Stars 


"You did a fantastic job on it. I liked the way you took the reader through many details and emotions. It comes off that you are an incredible writer. And for a first could that be? I enjoyed that you wrapped it up with how you turned out in life…I laughed out loud. I heard Marilys doing the same thing. You better start writing the screen play as it will no doubt be turned into a movie before long." --Alan Johnson, Adams County, PA


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