Vagabond Boy
A Memoir of a Youth's Journey Through a Heartland of Chaos


        Vagabond Boy 


How to Get a Signed Copy of the Book


If you would like the author to personally sign a copy of the book for you, at no additional cost, please follow the steps below. This service is only available through selecting the link below. Note that we can have the author only sign books AFTER you purchase a PAPERBACK copy, and BEFORE it is shipped to you. So, when ordering, make sure to click on the Signed Copies link, and DO NOT select the Kindle or eBook version.

Here is how it works

You purchase the book using the Amazon website, but do so from a special page on that site. This way you will order the book directly from the publisher's (Green Peach Publishing) distribution center. When you click on this Signed Copies link it will take you to the special ordering page. There, just click "Add to Cart," then check out. AFTER you receive confirmation of your order from Amazon, come back to this page and click this link for Autograph-Salutation Preferences to provide us with the author signature information you want, along with your Amazon order number and contact information.

When you submit this information we will initiate the process for providing you your autographed copy just as you requested. Amazon will send your confirmed book order to the publisher, who will arrange to have an original autographed copy sent directly to your address. It will usually take about 7-14 working days to receive your autographed book.


That’s all there is too it!

If you would like to proceed please click Signed Copies to go to the  Amazon special  book order page for "Vagabond Boy"