Vagabond Boy
A Memoir of a Youth's Journey Through a Heartland of Chaos



        Vagabond Boy 


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Vagabond Boy is a Memoir of a Youth's Incredible Journey through a Heartland of Chaos 

What's a growing boy to do when assorted caregivers  bring forth turmoil that clashes with the joy of boyhood adventures and  his developing sense of himself, and then his inner resourcefulness and adaptability are pushed to their limits? 
In this remarkable memoir the author relates the startling boyhood he spent traveling across America with his restless parents before interstate highways were invented, bumping into reality at every turn.  His journey abounds in adventure, humor and nostalgia as though Tom Sawyer and Kevin Arnold of The Wonder Years became just one boy leaving a trail of shenanigans from coast to coast.

But when his parents abandon him on a remote highway at six years old his trust in caretakers plummets. Chaos mounts and his sense of identity is crushed when he learns a few years later his parents deceived him his whole life regarding who he really is.  Read More

 About Joel Everett Harding

Joel Everett Harding has professional credentials in a variety of scientific fields, including river geomorphic restoration, bioengineering design, ecosystem ecology and animal and human behavior. He has been a scientist to private industry, federal, state and local governments and nonprofit organizations. When he is not writing and otherwise working he spends his time in the Piedmont with his family photographing and painting the landscape, tending his gardens and koi pond. This is his first published book.

Exerpt from the Book

We rolled through 1950s America swapping landscapes as frequently as some folks changed their underwear. Like other eager new families that poured onto those landscapes after World War II my parents were restless to seek fresh opportunities. They trailed clues to the American Dream that lay strewn across the fruited plain, rambling along dusty roads before interstate highways were built. Read More          

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